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Introducing CasinoATX - Hailing from Austin TX, CasinoATX takes his home town's slogan "Keep Austin Weird" to the utmost extreme in the best way possible. Combining a comedic mind, vast pop culture knowledge, and imbeccable rhyme cadence's and delivery, you will be hard pressed to find another rapper like CasinoATX in the game today. Casino has been on a serious grind since 2020 with the release of his collaborative album "AfroFuturistic" with fellow TX rapper Dat Boy Supa, which spawned the amazing and audacious single:

"Sinners Prayer" - https://youtu.be/El2YUov6Fxo

Casino quickly followed this up with his mixtape BARZ 3.0 with GO DJ LL released in April of 2021, and began his onslaught of visual delights, dropping video after video via his YouTube channel. A standout being the smoking opus for the Nerd in all of us:

"Yoda" https://youtu.be/Ude_jHNNS6Q

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