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Introducing #ill4real - #ill4real is Southern Hip Hop super duo hailing from Austin TX consisting of Sill and Big Tree #4Real. Sill is a Houston native who has planted new roots in the Austin scene and taken up home on its stages while helping foster its scene as one of the original signers to CHHK Records. Shortly after Sill was signed Austin native, eastside stalwart and long time stage killer Big Tree #4Real was signed to the label bringing his uniquely Ausin sound to the label with him. After killing shows together and doing a few collab tracks they started meeting up over at Mike Cs house and formulating a group project and thus #ill4real was born combining their sounds into something next level.

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CHHK Presents - #ill4real - "#ill4real"

Dropping at 12pm GMT+1 on Sunday 22nd January 2023 - On Neftyblocks!!!

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