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Introducing JRG - A son of street vendors, born in Jardim Pery Alto in the north of SP, he decided to rap. What will happen from then on?

Between the fairgrounds, the practice of Christianity, and the difficulty of everyday life on the periphery, Jorge becomes JRG or just JAY, releases his first mixtape for R$5 and begins a new journey in his life and in the lives of people. that accompany your work.

A practitioner of Christianity, he does not allow himself to be carried away by the halters of religion, which makes practitioners of the same faith curious to consume his music.

Festival performances: - Live SOS Festival - March for Jesus - Sky Party - Metropolitan FM radio concert - First Brazilian Rapper NFT creator Learn more at 💻🌎 All social media @jrgoficial

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JRG - "No Beat"

Dropping at 4pm GMT on Wednesday 2nd February - Neftyblocks - Only on Sublime Sounds!!!

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