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Become a Sublime Sounds Music Artist and start releasing Music NFTs on WAX Sublime Sounds Telegram Group

Music ARTISTS - Get started creating & selling your Music NFT's with Sublime Sounds on WAX Blockchain - Contact us now.......

Complete the Music Artist Registration form here start your NFT Journey!

Complete the form with  the details requested and we will be in contact   ASAP.  We will then arrange a call to go through the specifics of Sublime Sounds,  at a time that's conveniant for you, this is also required for our verification purposes before any material can be released with Sublime Sounds. This will NEED to be done via a video call via ZOOM shortly after we have received your registration details, we will then send you our Artist Contract. We are really looking forward to meeting you!                                                            

Create your Music NFT collection

Select material that you would like to release with   Sublime Sounds on WAX  .  Bear in mind that all material you submit to us you do so under CCO Licence (which forms part of our Artist Contract).  You MUST own the copyright for ALL material submitted to us or have the appropriate permission for use. We reserve the right to remove any material    or any Artist that does not conform to copyright standards. This will be checked throughly via a 3rd party platform that we have already engaged.

Let's MINT your Music NFT's!!!

You will host all of your own material or your music NFT's, on an IPFS Tag host of your choice, we recommend Pinata Cloud (http://pinata.cloud), this will be needed    in order to create and mint your NFT's on the WAX Blockchain.  You'll let us know many of each NFT you'd like minted and you'll decide the price to sell your Music NFT's for. We will then get your NFT's created & minted on the WAX blockchain and will arrange a drop date directly with yourself. Sublime Sounds does it's best to promote Artist releases, you also need to promote the drop through your own channels.