The Sublime Sounds Network Token ($SSN)



The Sublime Sounds Network Token ($SSN) is a standard EOSIO token on the WAX Blockchain with a Maximum Supply of 100,000,000 $SSN, there are currently 15,000,000 in distribution and over 500 token holders. The Sublime Sounds Network Token ($SSN) is earned either by becoming a Sublime Sounds Music Artist, or by holding Sublime Sounds Music NFTs or Sublime Sounds Music Artist NFT’s from the Sublime Sounds collection, participating in certain partner colletion drops, or by holding a Sublime Sounds Level 1 Membership Pass on token release date, which took place on 1st November 2021 or via the Public Token Airdrop, taking place from 8th November 2021 until 14th November 2021. The token will be able to be used in a few ways: 

• Purchasing new releases on the Sublime Sounds Network with $SSN (which may include collaborations with other Music related platforms)

  • Tipping of favourite Music Artists 

• Purchasing and swapping on Defibox 

• Purchasing and swapping on Alcor.eXchange 

• Liquidity Reward Pools on Defibox Earn / Mine $BOX Rewards!

Sublime Sounds Gaming, Fight Monsters in a 3D world, mine $SSN & $LFGK coins!!! As well as other crypto currencies!!! - Galactic123

Later on, & in plans for development: 

• Token Staking & DAO

• Purchasing of tickets for Music related events both real life and within metaverses, virtual reality spaces 

• Purchasing of Artist / Fan related merchandise

• Other special collaborations 

Public $SSN token airdrops will start on 8th November 2021 and run until 14th November 2021, via our Telegram



Token Image IPFS Hash: QmeQs1QTdoTDUBN172PxEk53oTRq5dMkVhZxzPGUAXZZR9