Sublime Sounds - Official Litepaper

About the Sublime Sounds Project 

Sublime Sounds Artists collaborate with us to bring their rare, exclusive material to the WAX platform through means of Music NFT releases coupled with Sublime Sounds Common Artist NFT Cards, which can be collected and redeemed for rarer NFT cards of that specific Music Artist, they can be swapped, traded, and sold on the WAX platform. Sublime Sounds offers true ownership of rare & exclusive Music Artist NFT material coupled with the ability to collect our Sublime Sounds Artist NFT Cards. We aim to bring you a large comprehensive Artist NFT Card Collection, the only one of its kind and plan to be collaborating with some of the largest collections on the WAX platform.

Sublime Sounds offers reward schemes for both artists & holders of our Music NFT Releases and Music Artist NFT Cards, through means of a $SSN token based NFT Staking reward system on WaxDAO (, Artist tipping system ($SSN token), initial Artist Signup token drop ($SSN token), public token airdrop ($SSN) and being a Membership Pass holder, as well as the ability to collect Common Artist NFT Cards to gain rarer Artist NFT cards, which can also be staked to earn $SSN.

The Sublime Sounds model brings Music Artists (both known and amateur), NFT Artists, Digital Artists, NFT Collections & NFT Collectors together in one place, where they can also meet, collaborate, and share ideas. Truly putting Artists & collectors at the forefront of everything we are doing.

The value - Not everyone can own a verified #1-10 of a real physical popular single or album, but everyone can own a #1-10 mint of digital NFT of that single / album, which is recorded, ownership is verified, even if track material can be copied, it cannot ever be claimed as that NFT. We aim to be a place for all types of Artists & NFT collectors, and aim to provide a creative, collaborative place all based on Music for the Music.

Each Music NFT release and Music Artist NFT Card from the Sublime Sounds Artists Collections will have a stakeable value in $SSN (Sublime Sounds Network Token) meaning that buyers will have to stake their NFT’s to the relevant WaxDAO Sublime Sounds farms to be able to claim $SSN token reward’s (the more NFTs they stake in, the more $SSN they are able to claim).

We will from time-to-time release PROMO NFT’s to introduce our Artists to the community, these PROMO NFT’s are not included in the $SSN token drops. Most of our PROMO NFT’s can be blended for a reward. There will also be a WaxDAO NFT Staking pool, for redundant raffle tickets so you are able to stake them whilst waiting for blends.

Get ready to turn your WAX wallet into a dedicated Music Player ;-) 

Sublime Sounds Music Artist NFT Card Mechanics 

Sublime Sounds Music NFT Artist releases will be release in revisions, each revision will have 5-20 Artists within it, starting with revision 1 (r1, r2, r3) and so on. 

In each revision there are 7 different Artist NFT card varieties as follows: 

• Common (given FREE with EVERY Artist Release Purchase) • Rare (300 available / artist / revision) 

• Epic (200 available / artist / revision) • Legendary (100 available / artist / revision)

 • Mythic (25 available / artist / revision)

 • Common Set Reward (250 available / artist / revision)

 • Platinum Artist Disc Reward (10 available / artist / revision) 

There are no % chance of obtaining our rarer cards, all you must do is HODL Sublime Sounds releases in your wallets to obtain them (while stocks last). When a Music NFT release of an Artist is purchased, the buyer will also receive a FREE Sublime Sounds Common Artist NFT Card with the release, of which there are 5 different varieties per revision per Artist. Collect and HODL the Artists Music Releases & Common Artist NFT Cards to be rewarded with the rarer Artist NFT Cards in each revision as follows: 

• Collect 10 Different Artist Releases – Gain that Artists Rare NFT Card 

• Collect 15 Different Artist Releases – Gain that Artists Epic NFT Card

 • Collect 20 Different Artist Releases – Gain that Artists Legendary NFT Card

 • Collect 25 Different Artist Releases – Gain that Artists Mythic NFT Card

 • Collect a full set from Common (any) – Mythic of any Artist and receive that Artists Platinum Disc NFT Reward

 • Collect a full Common Set of NFT cards of an Artist (all 5 varieties) and receive a Common Set Reward 

Once the available limits are reached for each Artist rarer card as above, no more of that card type will be able to be redeemed, on a first collected, first redeemed basis. We plan to form collaborations with other major collections on the WAX platform who will be involved in the creation of our rarer cards within our Artists NFT collections, we are in the process of putting together a list of involved collections, so that Sublime Artists can be involved in deciding which collections they would like to collaborate with for their rarer Artist NFT Cards. We also hope that our artists will also collaborate with each other to create exciting new material for the platform. 

Sublime Sounds Music Artist Merchandise Packs 

We will, from time to time-to-time release special Music Artist Merchandise Packs, at a set WAX price, the packs will include 1 card of the following rarities and chances, the cards will be redeemable for actual Music Artist Merchandise, which will be depicted on the card as well as redeeming instructions (you WILL get to keep your NFT Cards, and they are eligible towards the $SSN Token drops). Postage Included (some areas do not apply TBC*). 

• Common – 80% 

• Rare – 60%

 • Epic – 30% 

• Legendary – 10%

 • Mythic – 5% 

*Areas not applicable for postage TBC shortly. 

Sublime Sounds Network Tokenomics - $SSN 

The Sublime Sounds Network Token ($SSN) is a standard EOSIO token on the WAX Blockchain with a Maximum Supply of 100,000,000 $SSN, there are currently 15,000,000 in distribution and over 500 token holders. The Sublime Sounds Network Token ($SSN) is earned either by becoming a Sublime Sounds Music Artist, or by staking Sublime Sounds Music NFTs or Sublime Sounds Music Artist NFT’s from the Sublime Sounds collection on WaxDAO (, or by holding a Sublime Sounds Level 1 Membership Pass on token release date (2021). The token will be able to be used in a few ways:

The token will be able to be used in a few ways: 

• Purchasing new Music NFT releases on NFTHive / CAIT.

  • Tipping of favourite Music Artists 

• Purchasing and swapping on Defibox 

• Purchasing and swapping on Alcor.eXchange 

• Liquidity Reward Pools on Defibox Earn / Mine Rewards!

Sublime Sounds Gaming, Fight Monsters in a 3D world, mine $SSN & $LFGK coins!!! As well as other crypto currencies!!! - Galactic123

Later on and in plans for development:

• Token Staking & DAO

• Purchasing of tickets for Music related events both real life and within metaverses, virtual reality spaces 

• Purchasing of Artist / Fan related merchandise

• Other special collaborations 

Public $SSN token airdrops will start on 8th November 2021 and run until 14th November 2021, via our Telegram

Sublime Sounds Level 1 Membership Pass 

There were only 100 minted Level 1 Membership passes, they could be gained from whitelisted drops throughout our launch / promo process or through our Music Trivia Quizzes and wheel spins in our Telegram Group twice weekly, or though the whitelisted sale, we may issue other Membership Passes in the future. Owners / Holders of the Sublime Sounds Level 1 Membership Pass, will be the first people to receive drops of the $SSN token into their wallets as follows (upon release date TBC):

  • If you hold 1 Membership Pass – 10,000 $SSN 

• If you hold 2 Membership Passes – 15,000 $SSN

  • If you hold 3 Membership Passes – 20,000 $SSN 

• If you hold more than 3 passes, no further token additions will be made. 

• If you hold mint #1-3 of the Membership Pass you will be eligible for a double token drop on 1 mint #1-3 pass ONLY, if you hold more than 1 mint #1-3 pass your additional drops will be as described above. 

In addition, Level 1 Membership Pass holders also receive: 

1. 3 FREE Release downloads / year – you will notify us before drop date of the release required, so we can set up a special whitelist area for members only advance drops.

 2. Whitelisting for ALL future Music NFT Drops 

3. Receive special collab drops and exclusive NFT’s throughout the year. 

This litepaper is subject to change and is to be considered a live document. Please do your own research on any crypto project. This is not to be considered financial advice or security. Sublime Sounds NFTs are a fun collectable that are available on the WAX Blockchain as a real-world NFT Project. If you have any specific questions related to the project, please do not hesitate to contact our team at [email protected]